Lawn Maintenance Services – Residential And Commercial:

If you live in the greater Syracuse area, we offer all of the services you need to keep your lawn looking healthy and great all summer long. Be the envy of your neighbors, not just for the great looking lawn but all of the free time you will have. Our weekly maintenance services consist of mowing, trimming, and cleanup of the property. We take pride to insure your lawn maintenance is done right. Our staff is properly trained before they work on your property. We sharpen our mower blades daily to ensure an even cut.

Standard service includes mowing the entire yard, line trimming (weed eating) around all trees, posts, fencing, and landscaping. Also, edging of sidewalks, patios, and driveways with a trimmer and clean-up of all clippings. Bagging of lawn clippings can be done for additional fee.

Landscape Maintenance – Residential And Commercial:

Mowing the yard is only part of the maintenance challenge property owners have. Bushes and trees that are not consistently maintained hurt the appearance of even the best-kept property. We provide professional trimming services that result in a beautiful landscape for your home or business. We give you the freedom to relax while further enabling you to enjoy the scenery of your property.

If your property is in need of shrub or tree removal we are happy to complete this service for you. We are also able to install new trees and shrubs to enhance the original beauty of your landscape.

Landscape Design And Installation:

Let us help you in the design and installation, or renovation, of the landscape what you want.

Some of the services we offer are:

Retaining walls – For your raised beds of flowers and/or bushes

Edging of beds – We can install new edging or go with a natural edge depending on the look you prefer

Planting or clean-up of prior plantings – Removal and installation of plants and flowers

Mulching of beds – Available colors: Red, Bright Red, Coffee Brown, Brown, Black, and Hemlock when available

Installing stone beds – We offer 8+ different stone options

Brick Patio And Walkways:

We build custom design paver patios and walk ways. We have experienced professionals that have over 10 years in the field of building patios and walkways in the CNY region. We use high quality materials to ensure a long lifetime of your patio and minimal long term maintenance.

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